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Welcome to the website of Heaven Public School Kairo, Jharkhand – India


Choosing your child’s school is equipping your child for life”. In today’s world, a lot of emphases is put on Education. Great schools with wonderful facilities have emerged everywhere. However, the more we focus on education the more we seem to adopt globalization and modernity at the cost of our values and heritage. At Heaven Public School, we create a supportive and caring environment where our students are encouraged to explore and develop their potential in order to become the best of who they are. We challenge our students through learning opportunities that inspire them to become confident, innovative, engaged, responsible and reflective. However, the focus is not only on the students but also on how they interact with others. We are extremely concerned about instilling moral values in our students. We wish for them to become conscious of their environment, their fellow citizens and the responsibility they have in front of their Creator.